While talking to the people of Milwaukee, we recieve many questions about how bankruptcy works. It is striking how, with the prevalence of debt and the large monetary demands on people, many Milwaukeeans are unaware of the basics of bankruptcy. We feel that our role as lawyers is to educate people on what bankruptcy is and how it can affect their lives, in addition to advising them on the best path to take.

The Constitution and Bankruptcy Code makes it so that every US resident has a right to file for bankruptcy protection. If a debtor is honest and willing to put the effort in, then they can achieve a fresh start through bankruptcy. This happens by removing many, if not all of a person’s debts, freeing them from the financial burdens imposed by creditors. In addition to the debt forgiveness, the person breathes easier knowing that creditors cannot even attempt collections while the bankruptcy is in process. Once the process is complete all of the discharged debt can no longer be mentioned or held over the person’s head; they are quite literally freed of the obligation.

Riverwest Law Firm can represent you personally or your business in a Wisconsin bankruptcy; whether you are from Milwaukee or Green Bay, we are ready and willing to represent you. We seek to provide you with a intimate, caring, and dedicated approach to our attorney-client relationship. We understand that each client has a personal story and we are willing to listen to you. An attorney should be more than just a person who works for you, we want to be your attorney.

Be it a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we prepare the entire filing and personally walk you though the process so that you can never worry about those old debts again. Starting from your free initial consultation and commitment to be our client, we begin to put together your bankruptcy case in a custom tailored manner to fit your needs and desires. We will represent you in motion hearings and at the Meeting of Creditors and any motions brought before the Court as we are your personal attorney for your bankruptcy.

Some prospective clients ask what we charge for a bankruptcy. We understand that if you are filing for bankruptcy, you are in financial distress and it’s hard to put together a lot of money. To help meet your needs we offer low cost and competitive packages to our clients. The Court filing fee is even included in our Chapter 7 quote to help remove burdens from you.

The attorneys at our firm are ready and willing to be your guide through bankruptcy and will stand by your side through the process. We will be honest and forthright in explaining the situation and helping you understand your options. You will not be alone in your bankruptcy.

Contact us to request an appointment with one of our attorneys by phone or e-mail to start your bankruptcy and save you from the burden of debt.