Riverwest Law Firm offers a wide variety of immigration law services in employment and family based cases as well as international business transactions for clients in Milwaukee and around the world.

Immigration issues place a unique level of stress on those affected as even the smallest case can snowball into a threat to your family, home, work, and ability to travel. Immigration law is often complicated and hotly contested legislation in Washington creates uncertainty in the law’s application. With such high stakes, our clients expect their case to be handled correctly the first time by an attorney and are frustrated by larger firms that delegate important work to associates and paralegals. Immigration law matters are highly complex and nuanced, passing important work to untrained workers can lead to mistakes that may take years and thousands of dollars to correct.

At Riverwest Law Firm, we believe that your case should be handled by competent and adequately trained attorneys cognizant of developments in the law. We understand that our clients want:

  • To know their attorney – the attorney you meet with will handle your case personally and will act as your main point of contact throughout the process.
  • To understand up to date information on their case – at Riverwest Law Firm we understand the most important part of any immigration case is a clear line of communication to ensure your needs are addressed. You will receive your attorney’s direct phone number and email. Your calls and emails will be returned promptly to ensure your questions are answered with the most up to date information on the case.
  • To have their interests protected – unlike many larger firms, we will send your attorney to your interviews and hearings in Milwaukee and Chicago even if our presence is not required under the law. We understand that having your advocate in the same room with you can be invaluable support and we want our clients to have every advantage.

Riverwest Law Firm’s goal is to provide our clients with a satisfactory result and we are proud of our successful track record. We use the law to your advantage in order address the issues important to you and you will never be asked to pay attorney rates for work handled by a paralegal.

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